When life knocks you down it is how you get back up that defines the type of person you are and who you can be. When I stood up I was given a voice that could not be silenced and a vision that we all matter.

I want to share the lessons I have learned my entire life plus add the insights I have experienced these last several years and be a voice of change for the citizens of House District 37.

It is time to move from adovcate to candidate because I know in life one person can make a difference. I can't do it alone, I will need your help.

The Issues

Economy/Jobs/Paid Leave: We need to promote economic development that brings good-paying jobs for working Coloradans. The minimum wage should be a living wage and earned paid sick, and family, leave should be a part of all employee packages.

Education: We need to do everything we can to support our teachers so that every child can get a quality education. We need to get more resources into our public school classrooms, and take measures to make college more affordable. Tom’s commitment to education and teachers has led to endorsements from the American Federation of Teachers and the Colorado Education Association.

Public Safety/Gun Sense: We owe it to our communities to do whatever we can to keep them safe and out of harm’s way. Tom will do everything he can so that no other family has to endure the pain his family has.  

Housing: People are moving to Colorado because it’s a great place to live, but it's forcing rents up and families out of their communities. Tom Sullivan wants the government to do a better job of managing this growth by supporting affordable housing measures so that rents stay manageable.    

Veterans: As an Air Force veteran, and as a son of Air Force veterans, Tom knows firsthand the sacrifices our nation’s veterans make and what it means to stand up for his country and his community. Tom will fight to ensure that all veterans' services in Colorado are fully funded and responsive to our veterans' needs.