When life knocks you down it is how you get back up that defines the type of person you are and who you can be. When I stood up I was given a voice that could not be silenced and a vision that we all matter.

I want to share the lessons I have learned my entire life plus add the insights I have experienced these last several years and be a voice of change for the citizens of House District 37.

It is time to move from advocate to candidate because I know in life one person can make a difference. I can't do it alone, I will need your help.

A Healthy Economy

We need an economy that works for everyone so that we can grow and sustain Colorado’s middle-class. Unfortunately, far too many Coloradans aren’t feeling the much-touted recovery from the Great Recession. The cost of living continues to rise while wages struggle to keep up, all the while those at the very top continue to reap more and more in profits each year. It’s time we enacted policies that truly benefit the middle-class and ensure that all Coloradans, not just large corporations, experience Colorado’s economic prosperity.

Unlike many who run for office, Tom has lived the middle-class values and ideals he talks to voters about every day. He understands what it will take to ensure all Colorado families can purchase a home, get a good paying and secure job, pay for their children’s education and save for retirement.

Tom will fight for these priorities everyday because he’s not only seen them through with his family, he also knows that when we create an inclusive economy and a strong middle-class, we all do better.

Good Jobs

A Colorado where prosperity is experienced by all begins with the ability to get and keep a good paying job. While Colorado’s unemployment rate continues to remain low, more and more jobs fail to pay sufficient wages to keep up with the cost of living and many Coloradans who want work full-time are unable to do so. Additionally, fundamental rights such as the freedom to participate in a union and to earn paid sick and family leave are attacked each year at the state Capitol.

We need elected officials who will promote and defend policies that create good paying jobs so that all Coloradans, not just a few, have a shot at entering and staying in the middle-class.

Tom will work with his colleagues to support Colorado's small businesses, invest in trade schools and vocational training, equal pay for equal work, and the right to earn and keep your hard earned benefits.

Quality and Affordable Education

Public schools serve as the bedrock of the American middle-class. We need to do everything we can to support our public school system so that every child can get a quality education and learn the tools they need to be successful in the 21st Century economy.

Unfortunately, too many public schools across our great state go without the resources they need. For those lucky enough to pursue a higher degree or certification, many of them come out of the system with crippling debt that burdens them for decades to come.

This reality ultimately hurts all of us. That is why Tom will fight to get more resources into our public school classrooms, to invest in our teachers, and support measures to make college and vocational training more affordable.

Safer Communities

A thriving Colorado is one where our communities and children are safe from unnecessary and terrible acts of violence. Sadly, as we’ve seen time and time again, we have yet to realize this vision. Too many lives have been lost and families broken because of the failure of our elected officials to act boldly and swiftly in the face of opposition from special interest groups. 

When elected, Tom will do everything he can to ensure no other family has to endure the pain his family has.  He will promote and defend policies that ensure all Coloradans can enjoy and take advantage of what our great state has to offer without living in fear of another horrific act of violence. Specifically, Tom wants to focus on firearm suicide prevention as well as public awareness around responsible firearm ownership. He believes we can pursue these initiatives while respecting the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding citizens.

Tom’s commitment to public safety and expanding access to mental health resources has earned him the highly coveted endorsement from the Colorado Fraternal Order of Police, the largest law enforcement organization in Colorado, representing several thousand sworn law enforcement officers across the state.

Affordable and Attainable Housing

Colorado is a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family and many across the country have realized that in the past decade, leading to profound growth. Unfortunately, this growth has some downsides. Too many families are seeing their rent go up each year and some have had to leave their communities because they have become unaffordable. First time homebuyers, pursuing the American Dream ideal of homeownership, are experiencing sticker shock as they find starter homes to be almost non-existent.

When hardworking police officers, teachers and firefighters can’t afford to live in the communities they serve, that adversely affects our communities and our economy. When young families, hoping to begin accumulating wealth, cannot afford to purchase a home after years of saving, that threatens the economic security of our children and our children’s children.

Tom will strongly support measures at the state capitol to keep rents manageable for working families and also those that make it possible for first time homebuyers to achieve their dream. Like so many families in their generation, Tom and his wife Terry will soon pay off their 30 year mortgage on their home in Centennial. Tom will make it so that thousands of other Coloradans are able to do the same by supporting affordable housing solutions that will ultimately benefit our communities and our economy. 

Caring for our Veterans

As an Air Force veteran, and also as a son of Air Force veterans, Tom knows firsthand the sacrifices our nation’s veterans make and what it means to stand up for his country and his community.

Tom will fight to ensure that all veterans' services in Colorado are fully funded and responsive to our veterans' needs. He will also work closely with our federal elected officials to ensure the federal government is keeping its promises to those who offered to give their life for their country. Finally, Tom will work with his colleagues to support job-training initiatives and other targeted investments into our state’s veteran community so that they and their families are able to fully participate in Colorado’s economy.

A Clean, Beautiful, and Sustainable Colorado

Colorado’s great outdoors and public lands are a large part of what makes us Coloradans. Whether you’re the avid outdoors person, the family who packs up the car for the weekend with the kids, or the person who enjoys a quick outing, we can all appreciate what Colorado has to offer in terms of open space and recreation.

Colorado’s environment also offers us a tremendous opportunity to combat the effects of climate change, all the while creating good jobs that support local economies, particularly in rural areas of our state.

Unfortunately, our state’s public lands are under attack and there are those at the Capitol who deny the reality of climate change and both the consequences and opportunities that come with it. We are also as a state approaching a critical juncture with regard to our state’s water sources.

Tom will fight for the preservation of our community’s open spaces and state parks, to mitigate the effects of climate change, and to invest in Colorado’s clean energy sector so we can create good local jobs. He will also work with his colleagues, particularly those from rural districts, to ensure our state’s water supply is utilized efficiently and fairly across all of Colorado’s communities.

Affordable Health Care and Accessibility

We will all get sick or experience a medical emergency at some point in our lives. That is why Tom believes health care is a basic human right. He believes that no family should have to choose between paying for a mortgage or a hospital bill, or putting food on the table or getting a child’s prescription. He also believes we need to stand up to attacks on the constitutionally protected rights of Colorado women to make their own reproductive health care decisions. 

Despite the gains made by the Affordable Care Act, far too many Coloradan families are paying while the insurance and pharmaceutical companies—and many hospitals—profit off of their misfortune. When many families report paying thousands upon thousands of dollars per month for health insurance they deem worthless, there are still clearly serious problems with our healthcare system.

We need a health care system that is truly geared towards the health, wellbeing and economic security of Colorado’s hardworking families. Tom will work diligently with his colleagues to lower the cost of insurance, expand access to coverage, and increase transparency in the medical industry to accomplish these goals. Tom is also a fierce proponent of expanding access to mental health treatment for all Coloradans. To read Tom’s views on this subject, read his survey responses he sent in to Mental Health Colorado by clicking here.