Improving Mental Health Care

Extreme Risk Protections Orders (HB19-1177)

Law enforcement has few ways to stop people known to be a risk to themselves or others. I sponsored this bill to temporarily remove firearms from people in crisis and prevent unnecessary gun deaths.

Mental Health Parity (HB19-1269)

Colorado is in a mental health crisis, which is why I sponsored this bill to equalize treatment of mental health and substance use disorders with physical healthcare.

Expanding Job Programs

Minimum Two-person Crew On Freight Trains (HB19-1034)

When railroad trains with dangerous freight derail, they can spill and pose a threat to our communities. By requiring two people on these trains, we can ensure public safety and create jobs.

Workforce Diploma Pilot Program (HB19-1236)

324,000 adults in Colorado lack a high school diploma or equivalency. I sponsored this bill to establish a pilot program providing Coloradans opportunities for education and career advancement.

Apprenticeships & Vocational Technical Training (SB19-171)

Colorado had a shortage of 60,000 workers in 2018. I sponsored this bill to create a Statewide Apprenticeship Directory to match well-paying programs with new, eager workers.

Protecting Victim Rights

Victim Notification Criminal Proceedings (HB19-1064)

Victims must opt in to receive notifications about their perpetrators. I sponsored this bill to allow them to opt out later, giving victims time to heal in a traumatic period.

Court Facility Dog During Witness Testimony (HB19-1220)

I sponsored this bill because the emotional support provided by trained dogs in court rooms helps witnesses provide full and accurate testimony in a more comfortable setting.

Designate Dave Sanders Memorial Highway (HR19-1008)

Coach Dave Sanders was killed in the Columbine massacre while saving hundreds of students. I sponsored this bill to rename 7 miles of C-470 and remember a hero who was tragically murdered.